Top 10 Trending Small Business Ideas for 2017

Just because you landed on this page, I will assume that you are either looking for a new venture or on the planning stage of starting your own business. And right now, I am already assessing your need for additional real, significant and relevant information. Let me tell you that you are on the right track. This page is created for business enthusiasts who are trying to find information about what business ideas are great for 2017 that requires a low capital but of high profit. So here’s our top 10!


Freelancing is a fast-growing business and it had captured a world-wide phenomenon. There are lots of organizations across the globe that is in need of different skills which you can grab on. Some of these are creative writing, web design, graphics designer, accountant, bookkeeper, marketing consultant, editor, etc. This is a result from cost cutting as more businesses lay off many of their in-house staff to hire independent professionals. You can choose anything based on your skills and show off the best that you got! In this case, the service you provide becomes your own craft. You automatically become an independent professional. And the good news is it requires less investment from you as it only needs a set of working computer, fast internet connection and a power supply (of course).

Sell some cheap,fabulous jewellery 2

Market Consultant

Most businesses kept on intensifying their marketing efforts to be able to increase their sales and prosper amid the current market conditions. The new marketing strategies are becoming more technical and have the ability to open a world-wide access for entrepreneurs. And to aid this marketing need, a huge demand for consultants in modern marketing channels is intensifying too! These channels are in the form of SEO, mobile marketing, email marketing and social marketing. It is connected and relevant to freelancing services since it following the concept of the said industry.

Security Services

The bad economic trend had brought the security services industry booming. Because of it, crime rate had risen as a way of survival. This, too, is the reason why owners of home and other valuable assets take some resort in hiring security services that can protect their family and their valuable possessions.

Child Care

According to studies, most parents, especially single mothers, usually engage in longer hours of work and are mostly extending their out-of-home hours for shuttle. Through this, they get to spend less time with their kids and take care of their needs. This problem can be felt more by mothers who currently have babies. They need someone who will look after their kids for their behalf. As a result, hiring of babysitters and professional childcare can do the trick.

Elderly Care

Recent studies shows that the population of most developed countries are aging which means that there is a gradual increase in the population aging 50 years old and above. And this can be equated as directly proportional to the increasing demand for elderly care services in 2017 and the years to come.

Pet Care

Regardless of your social status, people are taking care of their pets. They have become a part of their family and treat them as their own children. Based on statistical records, people spend around 4-6 figures each year on their pets. Therefore, it gives us an idea that starting a pet care business can provide us a great opportunity for profit.

Foods and snacks

The food industry is always a great industry to venture with as people, regardless of the standing economy, needs food to survive. You can always start with a small investment like sweets, pastries, pasta and sandwiches. And as time goes by, you can make expansions through listing new product and services to offers. It will also give you enough time to gain customer patronage and help you manage risk factors.

Start small in food business


Whether we like it or not, people want to look good. They want to be appreciated and wearing jewelleries can do the trick. It is a part of everyone’s wardrobe. I must agree that what you had in mind is the capital because investing in this business is quite expensive. But, why not start small? Invest in cheaper jewelleries that look really fabulous. There are lots of suppliers you can choose from the list that offers beautiful watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. that are cheap. If you can acquire enough capital from your gains, then you can pursue selling more expensive items.


Who can say no to cosmetics? Every woman brings with her some creams, powders, lipsticks and other cosmetic items which enhances her beauty. It will always be in huge demand.

Cosmetic products

Laundry Services

Many people have so many things to do that they prefer to leave their laundry to someone who can do it for them. They are more comfortable with paying for laundry services and reserve their time and effort to give way to a more important activity. Most of these laundry services are done in weekly basis which means that it will be a brighter and profitable future if you’ll invest in a laundry services business this year.