5 small ways to improve your SEO ranking

SEO has a reputation for being slow and unreliable in marketing your business digitally. But there is no doubt that this will not work. For anyone who has hired a digital marketing company to apply for search engine optimization on their website, there is a consensus that after search engine optimization, they have witnessed a huge increase in their online traffic. You may also be interested in increasing your network traffic. We will share with you five small steps to help you improve your website ranking, or you can get help from an SEO company in Mumbai. These steps can actually drive more traffic to your site.

1. Structured Content.

Your page is also categorized based on how long visitors choose to stay on your site. One way to prevent users from clicking on your site is to provide them with good information. Not only do you make your content easier to read, but you also help Google robots determine where they rank in search engine results. Using keywords, Google can see what your article is about and what clicks they can use to determine how relevant it is. Also, don’t fill your article with keywords, otherwise it will feel unnatural to read.

2. Make sure your links are not broken.

One of the best ways to deceive your readers and Google (if you want to disturb them) is to use links in your article that lead to dead pages. If you’ve told a reader that they can learn more about a particular link that doesn’t lead to anything, your reader will be disappointed with the poor user experience. Someone who has just heard of your site can lead to distrust of the brand. If your site uses broken links, chances are they have a bad engagement time, which tells Google that the article is not what it claims to be. Google favors other articles with a low article.

3, Play with metadata.

Your metadata is not related to the content you add to your site, but it helps a lot in your search engine optimization. You can make your meta description attractive so that the user has to click on the link to your article. Your article title and meta description work together to attract users to your site. By carefully designing your metadata below your link, you can attract more visitors. You can give them a short excerpt from your article or tell them what article will help people click on your article.

4. Update your old articles.

For digital marketing, you need to be effective in your strategy no matter what type of digital marketing you are doing. You don’t have to write new articles if you already have them often, if you’ve already published articles on your site. You can add some points, make them newer, and publish them later. To be ready, you don’t even have to create a new post, you can just change the posting date of the post to the day you post it again.

5. Prioritize your content.

The biggest narrower for all users is the dirty number of articles in the ad. If your article has a lot of ads, chances are your customer has been shut down and just walked away from your site. It’s very tempting to fill your site with ads so that Google can get paid or show ads for your product on the site, but the consequences aren’t worth it. You will lose more than your profit, and this loss will exceed your SEO ranking.