5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Business Start-ups

A huge aspect which takes credit in the success story of every business, aside from the efficiency and effectiveness of its business process, is the entity’s ability to market their product and/or services to their customers. Marketing strategies are used by different companies to be able to connect with their customers and bring in a multitude of earnings benefiting the overall value of the organization.
If you are new in this industry, or is still planning to start a business of your own, it is important for you, not just to know but, TO UNDERSTAND the different business-to-consumer marketing strategies that will serve as your guide in your journey to success. There is no need for you to apply everything that you will learn in this article. Just choose which you think can be significant and effective in the line of business you choose to partake. Here, we listed 5 business-to-consumer marketing strategies coming from survey results and reports of some business professionals. This list can be very effective for a small business.

Cause Marketing

Word of mouth marketing

Cause marketing is a cooperative effort between two entities – a for-profit business and a non-profit organization. Sometimes, this marketing strategy is often misunderstood as corporate giving which is tied to some tax-deductible scheme. However, they differ in a way that cause marketing takes advantage over the other party. Here, we take mutual advantage and the “feel good” relationship is put into priority. It is not about giving without expecting something in return thing because the moment we take into this concept, it automatically becomes a donation.

Direct Selling

Profit generated through sales agents

Direct selling is another type of successful marketing strategy that has been used by generations of business men. Its name speaks for itself. Direct selling is a strategy where sales agents and marketing staffs sells products directly to your customer. Meaning, agents need to build a face-to-face relationships with the customer. Direct selling can be in a form of demonstrations and sales talk or retail marketing that is usually done at home. Some examples that are very known by individual households are Avon, Amway and Herbalife. If we will take a closer look on their marketing strategy, you will notice that, instead of putting their products on a shelf, their agents take most of their time in bringing their products into the comfort of every home. Aside from the relationship they build in their face to face encounters, they will be able to directly inform their customers about the benefits they can get out of the products they sell.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or online marketing is a strategy used by many businessmen nowadays. Since the internet era is up and people are taking advantage of the ease and comfort of its use, it became a trending strategy in many businesses all over the world. It is a combination of web and email marketing to advertise the products and services you offer. It also gives you the ability to connect with a bigger volume of prospect customers as it helps you reach out people globally. In this generation, people rely at lot on the World Wide Web in their quest to satisfy their needs. Therefore, creating a website and sending an up-to-date email can be of great help to keep your prospect customers well-informed all the time.

Social Networks and Viral Marketing

Social media marketing

In connection to internet marketing, social networks and viral marketing has been bringing in a lot of sales in many business organizations nowadays. Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, had gained millions of membership and was reported to have generated a huge increase in the revenue of many businesses through the so-called social media leads. It drives in higher visibility and traffic towards your main site and influence the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Social networks and viral marketing, or social media marketing, is a great way to creatively promote your products and services by providing relative and valuable information that will keep rolling in the social media mainstream.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth marketing

The easiest and most practical marketing strategy to use is the so-called word of mouth advertising. It is the most effective known marketing strategy of all times. Its classic touch is oh-so-powerful in generating revenue and building reputations. It is practical in a way that this method is categorized under unpaid advertising where the probability of acquiring new customers relies on the positive feedback of your existing customers. Here, you need to build relationship and trust with your customers so that they will have something nice to say about you and your products or services. This is about gaining a new prospect from the good stories shared. You need to get their attention, trust and loyalty so that they have something good to tell about you. Therefore, you will be able to gain sales coming from the recommendations of people who have built in credibility in your prospect customers’ lives.